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Bright Skies Montessori 

offers a loving and engaging learning environment for children ages one through five, and an inviting community for families.

Our goals are to instill in children self-confidence, a love for learning, empathy for others, and respect for the environment.


Montessori at heart, emergent in spirit

Nature &

Inspiring love for our habitat and its infinite beauty


Serving as partners in education for each unique family


 Fostering authentic connections with our community

Welcome to School!

Our wonderful team of dynamic and experienced educators understand the important role a school community plays in the lives of students’ and teachers’ families. Their hard work has filled this warm and vibrant schoolhouse with the promise of joy, laughter and learning — an environment that each person can look forward to joining every day.

Our Community

We are committed to the principle that it takes a village to raise thoughtful and independent children. This vision of community serves as the driving inspiration for our umbrella organization, Ammamma Tati.  In addition to providing high-quality Montessori education, we also provide sustainability-minded community & enrichment programs for children and youth.